Around the world social entrepreneurs reward litter pickers who clean their neighborhood environment wit a free cup of coffee.

In Amsterdam, the Garbage Riot (VuilnisOproer) is now also introducing this in New-West and 18 entrepreneurs have already joined this initiative!

How does it work?
After an hour of cleaning, visit one of the affiliated entrepreneurs and ask for a cup of coffee in exchange for litter. You then leave the litter with the entrepreneur. Of course coffee can also be tea and for children an ice cream or lemonade.
The entrepreneur is happy with the cheap cleaning of his outdoor environment and the positive PR that comes from this!
Usually there are cleaning materials that people can borrow for free, present.

Yes, no alcohol is served in exchange for litter!

How do you recognize the social entrepreneur who participates?
With this sticker at their door:

You can also find the participating entrepreneurs in Amsterdam New-West on the map on the website of 'het VuilnisOproer' (the garbage riot).